Kashmiri Muslim students at the College in Moga (Punjab) supporting Pakistan Cricket Team

A fight erupted when Hindu students opposed

Moga (Punjab) – England defeated Pakistan in the T20 World Cup finals. This led to a fight between the Muslim students from Jammu-Kashmir and the Hindu students from Bihar and other States in the campus of the Lala Lajpat Rai College of Engineering and Management at Ghal Kalan village in Moga Tehsil. In this, the students from both sides were injured. The injured students were admitted to the District Hospital.

During this match, the Kashmiri Muslim students were supporting Pakistan, while the students from Bihar and the other states were sloganeering against Pakistan. After this, the two groups got involved in fighting with each other. Both parties began throwing stones against one another. The local Police officers have said that the situation is now under control. A large Police presence is being deployed in the College and Hostel area.

Editorial viewpoints

  • From this, it can be understood that the Kashmir problem is a religious issue ! To solve the Kashmir issue, it is necessary to wipe out the jihadi attitude and love for Pakistan !
  • One should not be surprised if such incidents make the patriotic people in the country boycott the Muslim students from Kashmir !