Anti-terrorist squad raided more than 100 locations before Gujarat Assembly elections

Rs 71.88 crore confiscated, 65 arrested

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) – Prior to the upcoming Assembly elections the Anti-Terrorist Squad of Gujarat raided more than 100 locations in 13 Districts along with, Surat, Ahmedabad, Jamnagar, Bharuch, Bhavnagar, etc. and confiscated Rs 71.88 crore, and arrested 65 people. The squad commenced the session of raids on the night of 11th November. Some suspicious documents also were found in the said action. As per the information received, inquiry is going on about tax evasion and money transactions.

Out of the total 182 seats of the Assembly seats, voting will be held in two parts, on 1st December for 89 seats and for the remaining 93 seats on 5th December.

Editorial viewpoint

No wonder that during elections in India crores of rupees are discovered like this. This amounts to tarnishing the image of democracy. Establishing the Hindu Rashtra is the only solution to the such menace.

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