Drawing parallels between Bhagawadgeeta and Jihad will backfire on Congress

Shivraj Patil-Chakurkar
Shivraj Patil-Chakurkar, the former Home Minister of the country, who had a career tarnished by his own misdeeds in the Congress, made a very controversial statement in a programme that ‘Shrikrushna taught Arjun Jihad through the Geeta’. Therefore, Patil’s hatred for Hindu Dharma has once again come to the fore.

A political career of 48 years, including 30 years as a Member of Parliament, a leader who has held very important positions like Defence Minister, Home Minister, Lok Sabha Speaker, Governor, etc. is expected to have at least a basic understanding of faiths. But senior Congress leader Shivraj Patil-Chakurkar is an exception to this. The reason for this is that by directly equating ‘Jihad’ to the Geeta taught by Shrikrushna to Arjun, he re-created the Congress view not of his ignorance, but of his iniquity. Instead of admitting that his tongue went loose due to age, he further commented that ‘my statement has been distorted by the media’. He also added, “If I have not said anything wrong, there is no question of apologising”.

1. Shivraj Patil’s statements shows that he is not in the right state of mind and is a staunch anti-Hindu

Even after comparing Bhagawadgeeta and Quran in this manner, Chakurkar’s futile confidence that he has read all Scriptures right from the ‘Bible’ is even more baffling. Therefore, instead of asking ‘Are you out of your mind ?’, it is clearly evident that Chakurkar is out of his mind. If only he had not just read the Bhagawadgeeta, Quran, Bible and other Scriptures, but had understood them deeply, assimilated their knowledge and teachings, he would not have blabbered in such a way.

Hence, as Samarth Ramdas Swami says : The one who doesn’t read the entire book, and hence, is ill-informed about it, will describe vice as a virtue thus proving himself to be a fool. (Dasbodh, 9.10.3)

So is the case with this anti-Hindu Chakurkar who has read, but is still ignorant !

2. Journalists who interviewed Patil did not ask any question about equating the teachings in the Geeta with Jihad

What did Shivraj Patil-Chakurkar say ?

Digital media also played the content repeatedly, while on social media, he received a lot of flak and criticism. After all this, not a single journalist who went to interview Shivraj Patil-Chakurkar felt like asking him even a simple counter question about his controversial statement. And that counter question would be – ‘Jihad in the Quran preaches eliminating other religions, destroying their Idols, traditions, killing the kafirs, etc. while on the other hand, there is not even a remote reference of Shrikrushna preaching extermination of any kind in the Bhagawadgeeta; then how can you equate Bhagawadgeeta with Jihad ?’

3. Linking the crusade in Bhagawadgeeta with the concept of ‘Jihad’ is a sign of intellectual bankruptcy

On the contrary, Shrikrushna gave the Divine message of awakening of the Dharma by preaching ‘Dharmasansthapanarthaya Sambhavami Yuge Yuge’ (I will incarnate in every era to establish Dharma). In this case, it must be admitted that the mind of Chakurkar, who connected the concept of crusade in Bhagawadgeeta with the concept of ‘Jihad’ in the Quran, has become even more intellectually bankrupt. As Chakurkar says, there are wars in all Scriptures, but the purpose, background, context and religious interest behind the wars in each of these Scriptures never seemed to have been understood by Chakurkar’s limited intellect.

This is why, he must have dared to draw a very childish comparison between Jihad and the war of Mahabharat in the Geeta.

4. Even after the terrorist attack on Mumbai, Shivraj Patil failed to take any action against Pakistan, and hence, had to resign from the post of Home Minister

Congress, including Shivraj Patil, has an old habit of insulting Hindu Dharma, its rituals and traditions. Chakurkar also belongs to the same anti-Hindu tradition. From denying the existence of Shriram, Ram Setu to opposing the Ram Mandir, Congress has spared no opportunity to play with the sentiments of Hindus. Shivraj Patil is equally infamous as one of the gang of Mani Shankar Iyer, Digvijay Singh, etc. Shivraj Patil was the Home Minister of the country at the time of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks.

Let alone taking concrete action against Pakistan following this terrorist attack, he could not even reach the emergency meetings regarding the attacks on time. Later, in 5 meetings held on the same day, he changed his outfit 5 times and this became another controversy. Due to this, he became the target of criticism and finally he had to step down from the post of Home Minister.

5. Patil’s consistent anti-Hindu statements to please Congress’ high command

Even after having being recognised as utterly useless, Shivraj Patil also participated in cooking conspiracies of ‘Hindu Terrorism’, ‘Saffron Terrorism’ following the 26/11 attacks. So, it is seen from time to time that Patil, who is close to Sonia Gandhi, always made these anti-Hindu statements and took such stances to please his high command.

It is surprising that even now, Shivraj Patil has not regretted making a controversial statement about Bhagawadgeeta, on which he had taken the oath of constitutional positions. On the eve of Diwali, a new trend of targeting Hindu festivals seems to be in vogue among Congress people and the so-called intellectuals. This is another example that highlights this fact.

6. Due to Shivraj Patil’s controversial statement for appeasement, the Hindus will show Congress its place in the coming elections

In fact, this habit of Congress to appease the Muslim vote bank by making such sensational anti-Hindu statements is not new. The statement made by Shivraj Patil can also be considered to be a part of the same series, because in the coming elections of Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, the Congress wants the Muslim vote bank for itself rather than the Aam Aadmi Party, and hence, this tendency to deliberately target Hindus, Hindu Scriptures and Hindu Deities. Nevertheless, Hindus in this country have become more conscious and alert since 2014. Therefore Shivraj Patil’s illogical comparison of Bhagawadgeeta’s message with ‘Jihad’ is more likely to backfire on Congress ! Because in Gujarat, where ‘Jai Shrikrushna’ is used for greeting, it is certain that such contempt of Shrikrushna will cause Congress’ downfall in the coming Assembly elections !

(Courtesy : Daily ‘Mumbai Tarun Bharat’, 21.10.2022)

Jihad in Quran preaches eliminating other religions, killing the kafirs. Bhagawadgeeta does not preach any such thing !