Ten Christians arrested in Fatehpur (Uttar Pradesh) in a case of mass conversion of Hindus

Arrested Christians

Fathepur (Uttar Pradesh) – Ten Christians including a priest have been arrested in connection with the mass conversion of many Hindus a few months ago. On April 14, 2022, the Police registered a case against 55 people in connection with the mass conversion of 50 Hindus in a church in Hariharganj. Out of which 26 of them were arrested. However, all of them had to be released due to a lack of evidence.

But now the Police have again arrested 10 people including the priest who is the main conspirator behind this mass conversion. The Police have said that action will be taken against the other perpetrators as well. As per the received information, a prayer meeting was organised in a church in the Lalauli area of Fatehpur district, similar to the incident that occurred on April 2022, to initiate the conversion of Hindus. After facing strict opposition from Hindu organisations, the Police registered a case against 5 people, then arrested another 10 people from two more places. The total number of people arrested in this case has increased to 16.

Editorial viewpoint

The cunning scheme of the Christians is clearly visible in their continuous efforts to convert Hindus. From this, it is clear that the lack of education on Dharma among Hindus is the main reason as to why Christians can do this so freely !

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