The trailer of ‘The Kerala Story’ a movie on Jihadi terrorism released

The film depicts the conversion of over 32,000 Hindu and Christian girls, and how they are pushed into terrorism

(Right side) The film producer Vipul Shah

Mumbai – The trailer for the Hindi film ‘The Kerala Story’ has been released. The movie starts off by showing a woman wearing a hijab who dreams of becoming a nurse, but she is kidnapped from her home. After this, she narrates that she is locked up in a prison in Afghanistan. This film also shows how 32,000 women of Kerala were lured into Islamic countries for Jihad by baiting, pressurising, instilling fear, etc. It also shows how these young women were enslaved by the Jihadi terrorists of those countries for sexual relations. A large number of these women were Hindus. The director of this movie is Sudipto Sen. He did a lot of research on the subject. Various social service organisations have also helped him in this project.

(Credit : Sunshine Pictures)

This movie is based on a true story ! – Producer Vipul Shah

The film’s producer Vipul Shah said that it is a heart-wrenching story that will force the audience to introspect. This is an actual, unbiased, true story. According to an investigation, an estimated 32,000 Hindu and Christian girls have been converted to Islam in the State of Kerala and the city of Mangaluru, Karnataka since 2009. Most of these young women were taken to Syria, Afghanistan, and other such countries dominated by the Islamic State and were confined there as prisoners. The entire story of their grief, as well as the conspiracy behind it has been depicted in this film.

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