China will investigate the attacks on Chinese citizens in Karachi !

Karachi (Pakistan) – China will be joining Pakistan for investigating the bomb blast in the University of Karachi that took place in April. Chinese citizens were targeted through the attacks in Pakistan. It is said that the purpose behind this attack is to ruin the relations between China and Pakistan and to create economic difficulties for Pakistan.

This attack was carried out by a Pakistani female attacker. In this attack, along with the Chinese, a local driver was also killed. After this, many attacks took place again in which the Chinese citizens were targeted. In November 2018, a Chinese Business Ambassador was attacked. Later in 2020, the Karachi Stock Exchange was attacked.

It is said that the attacks on the Chinese citizens in Pakistan is a conspiracy of the ‘Baluchistan Mukti Sena’. Baluchistan Mukti Sena has given a warning to China to stay away from Baluchistan.

Editorial viewpoint

It indicates that China has absolutely no trust in Pakistan !