I won’t have an issue even if my granddaughter chooses to have a child before marriage : Jaya Bachchan

Anti-social statement of actress and MP of the Samajvadi party Jaya Bachchan !

Mumbai – Be it any relationship, physical attraction is important. Love, fresh air and understanding can’t be the only foundation of relation. If my granddaughter Navya Naveli chooses to be a mother before marriage, I won’t have an issue, said the bollywood actress and MP of the Samajvadi party Jaya Bachchan while addressing an online event along with her granddaughter Navya Naveli.

Jaya further said,

My words may sound objectionable, but physical attraction and compatibility are necessary for any relationship to become successful.

In our times, we couldn’t experiment but today the generation does and why shouldn’t they ? If there isn’t a physical relationship it’s not going to last very long.

If you had a physical relationship and you feel that still my relationship will not work out, you can make changes. There is a lack of feelings and love in the relationships in these days. You should marry your best friend.

Editorial viewpoint

  • The contribution of the ‘vivah sanskar’ prescribed by the Hindu Dharma in maintaining the social system is incredible. Hindu Dharma has put forth the broad thought of being ‘Pativratya’ (being dedicated to the husband). On this background, the statement of Jaya Bachchan is an anti-Hindu statement indeed.
  • The new generation idolises the Bollywood actors. Therefore, an action should be taken against Jaya Bachchan who is promoting these unethical thoughts of freedom. 

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