Centre  earns 254 crore from scrap disposal during special clean-up drive

Large space is vacant now as a result of the scrap disposal

New Delhi – Centre earned Rs 254.21 crore by selling the scrap and junk from Government offices all over the country in the last 3 weeks. This disposal has left large space vacant which amounts to 37 lakhs sq ft in those Government offices. This drive was undertaken from 2nd October. 67 thousand offices have been cleared of the junk and scrap. Such a drive was also undertaken last year in which the Government had earned Rs 62 crore.

Editorial perspective

Were the administrative officers sleeping till such a large amount of junk got accumulated ? Why are the junk and scrap not being sold on regular basis ? How can the officers be so naïve that they do not realise that such accumulated junk spoils the environment by creating hurdle.