Hate will be destroyed only by walking in Shriram’s footsteps : Mayor of New York

Mayor of New York Eric Adams

New York – This year Diwali was celebrated by President Biden in the White House. It was also celebrated lavishly in New York the economic capital of the country. The Mayor of New York Eric Adams had arranged a program at his residence to celebrate Diwali. In it, he said that we should conduct ourselves in our lives like Shriram and Sita. On the occasion of Diwali let us resolve to walk on the path shown by them. Hate will be destroyed by following the Shriram. About Mata Sita, he said, Sita was a capable woman. She did not fall prey to any temptation, but was firm and committed to her duty.

Adams further said, at present, there is a lot of darkness in the world. We should all try to become rays of light. We only pay attention to the issues where we have differences of opinion. It is necessary for us to bring into action the moral of Diwali.

Randhir Jaiswal India’s Council General and New York Assembly Member Jennifer Rajkumar were also present at the function. Jennifer Rajkumar said if we are going to celebrate the festival of destroying darkness only for one night, then we are betraying the philosophy of Diwali. It is necessary for us to stay on the path of Diwali’s perspective and its ideals.

Editorial viewpoint

Can the elite Western politician of the US who realised the importance of Shriram, be compared with the anti-Hindu Congress, that ruled India for 60 years and still, submitted an affidavit that said, ‘Shriram did not exist’ ?


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