Hindu youth beaten up by fanatic Muslims for writing ‘Staunch Hindu’ on his Facebook profile

They also threatened to kill !

Farrukhabad (Uttar Pradesh)  – Mohit Chauhan (a young man) and his friends were beaten up by a mob of fanatical Muslims after writing about himself as a ‘staunch Hindu’ on Facebook profile.  A complaint in this regard has been registered with the Police. Bilal Ali, Sartaj, Rehan, Aamir, Noor Mohmand and others have been named as the accused in this complaint. Volunteers of Hindu Organisations also protested outside the Police station. The Police are currently investigating this incident of assault.

When Mohit Chauhan was out for an evening meal with his friends, a mob of Muslim fanatics came and asked Chauhan to remove his post on Facebook calling himself a ‘staunch Hindu’. They further threatened him by saying that they will not allow him to live in that area if he did not remove the post. They then threatened to beat up Chauhan and kill him. The attackers were associated with an Instagram group called ‘Devil Group 302’. They keep circulating pictures of their members holding weapons.

Editorial viewpoints

  • Hindus in India are beaten up just for expressing themselves as Hindus, this is shameful for all the majority Hindus who are currently in Majority !
  • Hindus being beaten up in Uttar Pradesh that too when the BJP is in power is completely unacceptable !


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