Karnataka Govt. grants licenses to 10,889 mosques to use loudspeakers

Only 3,000 temples will use loudspeakers !

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – The BJP Government in Karnataka has allowed 10,889 mosques in the State to use loudspeakers. The State Police had received 17,850 applications from temples, mosques, churches etc. across the State. Of these, 10,889 mosques, 3,000 temples and 1,400 churches have been granted permission to use loudspeakers. This license is granted just for 2 years.

At the beginning of this year, devout Hindu organisations had protested against the Azaan being played on loudspeakers from mosques in the early hours of the morning. There was a demand to remove the loudspeakers on the mosques citing that the mosques were violating the rules. Also, there was an appeal to play mantra jap, aarti etc. on loudspeakers on Hindu temples from 5 a.m. After that, the State Government ordered all religious places to obtain licenses. Later, Police granted permission to them after receiving a large number of applications for this. Loudspeakers will be allowed only from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Also, as per the order of the Supreme Court, the noise limit must be observed.

Sound levels must be followed ! – BJP

BJP National General Secretary CT Ravi said that we have demanded the rules to be followed. The Supreme Court has laid down guidelines on the use of loudspeakers. Even if a license is granted, we want the decibel (unit of sound measurement) levels to be followed.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • When the Hindus are in majority and their religious places are also more in the country, how is it that the number of loudspeakers on the temples is less compared to the mosques of the minority Muslims ?
  • Are the Police going to keep an eye on whether the mosques are following the rules after getting permission ? If nobody pays attention to it, Hindu organisations will be compelled to do so !


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