Kashmiri Hindus will continue to get killed unless and until Jammu and Kashmir gets justice : Farooq Abdullah

Leader of the National Conference Farooq Abdullah

Jammu  –  Until Jammu and Kashmir get justice, Hindus will continue to be targeted. Until then it will stop. Earlier these people used to say that this is happening because of Article 370, but now it has been 3 years since Article 370 has been removed. So why isn’t there an end to this targeted violence ?

Asked the former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir and the leader of the National Conference Farooq Abdullah. He made these statements while speaking to the party workers of the National Conference.

Editorial viewpoint

Committing genocide of Hindus in Kashmir is the main aim of the Jihadi terrorists in Kashmir. Hence, this is the main reason for the selective targetting of Hindus for the past 30 years. But Kashmiri Muslim leaders like Farooq Abdullah are trying to divert attention from this fact by providing alternate theories.