#Diwali – Alakshmi nissaran (Removal of poverty)


Development of virtues gains importance only if in the process defects are overcome. We have just discussed remedies to acquire Lakshmi (wealth). This has to be complemented with removal of alakshmi (poverty). Hence, a new broom is purchased on this day. It is called ‘Lakshmi’.


Alakshmi nissaran

It has been said that, ‘At midnight one should sweep the house with that broom, collect the dust in a dust pan and throw it out’. This is called ‘alakshmi nissaran’. Sweeping the house and throwing the dust out at night is forbidden on other nights. It is done only on this particular night. Sweeping here is sometimes accompanied by beating of the winnow and a dimdi (an earthen vessel covered with a hide) to drive away alakshmi.

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