Attempts to convert Hindus to Christianity under the name of ‘Satsang Bhavan’

Varanasi (UP) – (Uttar Pradesh) – A new case of conversion has been reported in a church in Varanasi Outside this church is a board that calls the place a ‘Satsang Bhavan’. Inside the church, Hindus are being lured to convert to Christianity. Every Hindu is offered Rs 50,000 for converting.

On 16th October, ‘Hindu Jagran Manch’ said that its activists raided the church and stopped an ongoing conversion. The ‘Hindu Jagran Manch’ filed a Police complaint and demanded action against the offenders. The activists also handed over the accused Pastor Chotelal Jaiswal. (Why does the Pastor have a Hindu name ? Please note that people like this Pastor convert others but do not change their names. By doing this, it becomes easier for them to mingle with the Hindus and convert them. – Editor)

The Police promised to investigate the matter and provide justice to the Hindus. The incident was reported at the Police station in Phulpur, a rural area of Varanasi, which has a Church called ‘All India Ministry’. In the Police complaint lodged by the Hindu organisations, it was also alleged that the Pastor had promised to pay Rs 50,000 per person to Hindus for converting. They also claimed that the Pastor had paid Rs 2,000 in advance to the people who would convert.

On 16th October, these people were asked to attend the church as a secret plan to convert. As soon as the members of Hindu organisations got information about this, they went to the venue and stopped Pastor Chotelal from converting Hindus.

A video of this incident was circulated on social media.

(Credit : Nitin Shukla Latest video)

Editorial Viewpoint

Given the anti-Hindu activities of the Church, it is necessary to conduct a survey of every church in India and block the churches that engage in such activities.