India falls from 101 to 107th place on the Global Hunger Index !

Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Nepal better placed than India !

New Delhi – India has slipped to 107 in the Global Hunger Index (GHI) 2022. The condition of India is said to be worse than Pakistan and Nepal. In GHI 2021, India was in the 101st place. This year, India has slipped to 107th place amongst 121 countries. The neighbouring countries Nepal (81), Pakistan (99), Srilanka (64) and Bangladesh (84) are ahead of India. Yemen in at the lowest position of 121 whereas the Asian countries China and Kuwait as well as European countries are on the top.

How is the ‘Index’ derived ?

The report is prepared jointly by the Irish aid agency Concern Worldwide and the German organisation Welt Hunger Hilfe. The countries are evaluated on the basis of the intensity of hunger of those who are starving and accordingly the GHI score is decided. India scored a GHI of 21.1 and is said to have slipped down. According to the methodology, a score less than 9.9 is considered ‘low’, 10-19.9 is ‘moderate’, 20-34.9 is ‘serious’, 35-49.9 is ‘alarming’, and above 50 is ‘extremely alarming’.

Editorial viewpoints

  • During the coronavirus pandemic, the condition had become unmanageable for Sri Lanka, and Pakistan has become bankrupt since the previous year. How can be the condition of these countries be better than India ? Indians are apprehensive about this GHI.
  • The Government of India should test the authenticity of this report and bring into light the real condition of starvation in India.