#AamirKhan_Insults_HinduDharma trending at top on Twitter as a protest against anti-Hindu ad !

Hindu tradition insulted in AU Small Finance Bank advertisement !

Mumbai – A tradition in Hindu Dharma has been insulted in the recently aired advertisement of ‘AU Small Finance Bank’ on YouTube. The ad shows the groom (Aamir Khan) moving into the bride’s (Kiara Advani) house after the wedding. It is shown that the groom enters the house for the first time. This advertisement is being massively opposed by Hindus. Owing to this, the hashtag #AamirKhan_Insults_HinduDharma was created on Twitter, which was trending at the top of the national charts for some time as Hindus gave a huge response to it. A few hours later it was in the top 5 trends. More than 35,000 people tweeted about this trend. Along with this, demands were made on Twitter for an apology by the concerned bank and actor Aamir Khan and withdrawal of the ad.

1. Hindus have asked many questions through tweets. One user posted, ‘Who gave the bank the right to interfere with Hindu traditions ?’

2. Another user asked if Aamir Khan would ever dare to act in an ad that subverts Islamic traditions like triple talaq.

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