Hindu minor girl abducted in Sindh Province, Pakistan

Fourth incident in 15 days

Islamabad (Pakistan) – 15-year-old girl has been abducted in Hyderabad in Sindh Province in Pakistan. This the 4th incident of abducting a Hindu young girl in the last 15 days. The 3 abducted girls were forced to accept Islam.

According to the information provided by the relatives of this minor girl that, the victim was abducted while returning home. They have registered a complaint in the Police but so far, she has not been found.

Editorial viewpoints

  • Hindus feel that since minority Hindus are being finished in a systematic manner in Pakistan, India should act decisively now at least.
  • Why the International Human Rights Organisations screaming about so called atrocities on minorities in India, do not utter a single word about the horrifying atrocities meted out to minority Hindus in Pakistan ? Why does not the Government also ask them this question ?
  • There is no alternative to Hindu Rashtra now for protecting Hindus all over the world including Pakistan.