Women are exploited in Temples : Vile claim of Gopal Italia (AAP’s Gujarat State President)

Aam Aadmi Party’s Gujarat President Gopal Italia

Ahmadabad (Gujarat) – Ahmedabad (Gujarat) – BJP’s social media Chief Amit Malviya has put Aam Aadmi Party’s Gujarat State President Gopal Italia’s video on his Twitter account. In the video, Gopal Italia is seen showing a book written by Hari Mohan Dhawan and Arun Kumar. Italia is saying, “I would like to request my mothers and sisters to not go to temples and religious discourses. You will not get anything there. These places are meant for exploiting women. If you want your rights or if you want to rule the country, read this book instead of dancing during religious discourses”. Earlier, Italia had called PM Modi ‘lowly person’ and made objectionable statements about Hindu Deities.

Editorial viewpoints

  • Hindus are wondering – How come no action has been taken against Italia despite the fact that BJP is the party in power in Gujarat ?
  • Please note that no secular leader ever speaks about the exploitation of women in madarasas and churches even though there are numerous instances in our country and abroad !
  • Arvind Kejriwal the Chief Minister of Delhi has begun schemes to take Senior Citizens for pilgrimages and temple darshans at the expense of the Government. Will he approve of the statement made by Italia ? If not, he must say when he is going to take action against Italia ?