Hindu woman gang-raped and beaten in Pakistan

Hospital doctors refuse to treat the woman !

Bahawalpur (Pakistan) – Gangaram’s wife, a labourer in Bahawalpur in the Punjab State of Pakistan, went to Muhammad Akram, a local Muslim landlord, to ask for work. He threatened her and sent her back. Akram then went to her house with a weapon and kidnapped her. She was gang-raped and beaten by 6 people. Police arrested 3 people after a complaint was lodged in this case.

When the woman was taken to the hospital by the Police, the doctors there refused to treat her and give her a medical certificate. Local Hindus have taken to the streets and started protesting about this incident. Action is being demanded against the accused and the doctors.

Editorial Viewpoint

Persecution and genocide of Hindus in Pakistan are not new. It is equally true that in a few years Hindus will cease to exist there. Hindus all over the world being ignorant about this is also a matter of fact !

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