The Muslims beat up Hindu women for playing devotional songs on the loudspeakers during the Durga puja festival

Gopalganj (Bihar) – An incident of Muslim men beating up Hindu women for playing devotional songs in the Hanuman Temple here. The three women were injured and they have been admitted to the hospital.  The Police have registered a case against Golden Ahmed, Subrati, Sadidan Khatun, and 20 other unknown persons. They are trying to trace the absconders.

During Durga puja devotional songs were being played morning and evening on the loudspeaker. The local Muslims were opposing it. And because the Hindus did not stop the loudspeakers the Muslims beat up the Hindu women. Earlier when Hindu girls would come here to offer puja, the Muslim youth would eve-tease them.

Hindu girl beaten up by a Muslim youth in Khargone, Madhya Pradesh

A 21-year-old Hindu girl was going to take part in a religious ceremony, when she was stopped on the way by Moin Khan, who told her not to go to the ceremony. When the girl did not listen, he beat her up. At that time the local people tried to catch Moin but he ran away. Later the Police arrested him.

Editorial viewpoint

Have the Hindus ever done this when for the past so many decades the loudspeakers on the mosques played the Azaan 5 times a day ?

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