Bajrang Dal activists thrash Muslim security guards at a Garba venue in  Surat ! 

Surat (Gujarat) – Muslim security guards were deployed in a ‘Garba’ pandal; therefore, a few Bajrang Dal activists went there and thrashed them with sticks. Two guards have been injured in the scuffle and have been hospitalised. The incident occurred on the night of 3rd October 2022 at Thakorji Wadi on VIP Road. Some of the security guards ran away from the scene; therefore, were saved. No complaint has been registered with the Police in this connection. Now, Policemen have been guarding at the ‘Garba’ venue to avoid any untoward incident. An additional Police force has also been deployed.

1. Ahmad Khan, one of the security guards, said that there were more than 100 security guards at the venue. Bajrang Dal’s activists tore off the curtains and entered from all four sides. They were carrying wooden sticks. First, they asked a security guard his name. On realising that he was a Muslim, they took him outside and thrashed him. They beat up 5 Muslim guards, out of them 3 escaped from the place.

2. Bajrang Dal’s President for South Gujarat, Devprasad Dubey said that they had earlier warned the programme organisers to not deploy Muslim security guards; still, the organisers of the ‘Garba’ programme at Thakorji Wadi deployed Muslim security guards.

Editorial viewpoint

Why should Muslim security guards be deployed in a Hindu religious function ? How the Hindu organisers don’t understand such a simple matter ?

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