Companies cast women with kumkum in their advertisements following last year’s backlash from Hindus

Mumbai – According to the Hindu Dharma, the kumkum on the forehead of the married woman is a symbol of ‘Soubhagya’. Though this is the case, in 2021, the companies Malabar Gold and Diamond, Tanishq, and Fab India, advertised their jewellery for the Hindu festivals showing women without kumkum on their foreheads. After the vociferous opposition to it by the devour Hindus, this year these companies have shown women with kumkum on their foreheads in their jewellery advertisements.

1.Writer Shefali Vaidya had raised her voice under the hashtag ‘#NobindiNoBuisness’. This got a spontaneous response from all the devout Hindus. Then ‘Tanishq’ withdrew the advertisement and replaced new advertisement showing a woman with kumkum.

2. ‘Fab India’ a fashion brand had hurt the Hindu sentiment by giving its advertisement for Diwali an Urdu name ‘Jashan-e-riwaj’. In this advertisement, the women were shown not wearing the kumkum. After Hindu opposition this advertisement was withdrawn.

3. ‘Malabar Gold and Diamond’ in their advertisement for Akshay Trutiya had shown actress Kareena Kapoor Khan without kumkum. After the Hindu opposition, they withdrew the advertisement. This year, they replaced her with the actress Tamanna Bhatiya who had kumkum on her forehead.

4. Due to the timely opposition to the anti-Hindu advertisements of the companies, this year various jewellery advertisements for their Diwali line have the models wearing kumkum. This is the result of the power of Hindu Unity.

Editorial viewpoint

This is the effect of the prompt opposition by the devout Hindus ! The Hindus should show this unity and promptness during every attack on their culture, festivals, and rituals !

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