Bomb threat in China – bound Iranian passenger plane

  • India denied the landing of the plane at any of its airports
  • The IAF Su-30MKI fighters jets accompanied the plane till the Indian airspace

New Delhi – After getting the bomb threat in the Mahan Airline Iranian plane flying to China’s Guangzhou, efforts were made to land the plane immediately. When the plane reached Lahore in Pakistan from Iran, it was known that there is a bomb in the plane. India was requested to grant permission to land it in Delhi but India denied the request for technical reasons. Later the plane reached China after some hours and landed at the China airport.

(Credit : WION)

When the plane reached the border of India, the IAF Su-30MKI was deployed to keep a watch on it. This plane flew from the airport of Punjab and Jodhpur. The IAF Su-30MKI accompanied the Iranian plane till it crossed the Indian airspace. The Iranian plane went to China via Myanmar. Iran has dismissed the possibility of a bomb in their plane.

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