Ravan shown as a Mughal invader in film ‘Adipurush’ : Criticism by netizens  

Ravan’s character in the movie ‘Adipurush’

New Delhi – A teaser has been released of the forthcoming film titled ‘Adipurush’ which is based on Ramayan. After this, it has drawn criticism on social media, especially on the character of Ravan as looking as a Muslim invader. Saif Ali Khan played the role of Ravan in this film.

Criticism of social media

1. Ravan was a devotee of Deity Shiva. He composed ‘Shiva-Tandava’. He had knowledge of the Vedas, but Ravana is shown as dreadful and like a Mughal invader.

2. A few netizens have given names of Aurangzeb, Taimur, Alauddin Khilji, Babar, Mohammad Ghazni, and other Muslim invaders to Ravan, looking at the costume Ravan is wearing.

3. The netizens feel that Ravan was a brahmin. In this film, however, Ravan’s hairstyle is modern, and he has a long beard.

4. Another netizen has said that Ravan used to apply ‘Tilak’ on his forehead, but Ravan shown in this film looks like he has converted and adopted Islam.

5. Mahadev Munde said, “Isn’t this film an insult to Ramayan ? Why Ravan and Hanuman are not shown wearing crowns ? Ravan was a very intelligent brahmin. Stop hurting our religious sentiments.”

Editorial viewpoint

If Ravan’s costume is shown as that of a Muslim, the Central Censor Board is expected to ask the producers of this film to change the same, considering Hindus’ religious sentiments !