13 out of the 27 countries in the EU ban migrants from entering their respective countries

The majority of immigrants are Muslims

New Delhi  – 13 of the 27 countries in the European Union have banned migrants from entering their countries. Among these immigrants, the number of Muslims coming from Muslim countries is comparatively higher. For the last few years, there is anger amongst the people because these Muslims have disturbed social harmony and the law and order situation in Europe. Now that the Governments of nationalist parties have come to power; 13 countries have imposed a ban on immigrants. Looking at the increasing dominance of nationalist parties, the European Union’s report has predicted that nationalist parties may get increasing support in other countries as well.  Hence, Nationalist Governments may come to power in other countries of the EU.

Increase in crime due to Muslim immigrants !

Due to the increase of Muslim immigrants to the developed countries of the European Union, there has also been an increase in crimes in such countries. Crime in Sweden has increased by 60% in 5 years, and the religious and social balance has been disrupted by Muslim immigrants settled in densely populated areas. Social harmony has deteriorated in many cities in France.

Editorial Viewpoint

Now the European countries have experienced problems due to the criminal-minded Muslims, hence, they have taken such a decision. However, the same European countries advice India to deal with such Muslims by pushing a dose of secularism ! Also one should note that these countries were always silent about the atrocities committed by the Muslims in Kashmir !