India no longer a secular country : Bilawal Bhutto

Crocodile tears by Bilawal Bhutto, the foreign minister of Pakistan (Islamistan)

Pakistan’s foreign minister Bilawal Bhutto

New York (US)  – Pakistan’s foreign minister Bilawal Bhutto made absurd allegations saying, ‘We have a very long and complicated history. Unfortunately, today’s India has changed. The India that assured its citizens of secularism during its foundation is now no longer secular. India is now becoming a Hindu-dominated country. This is seen not only in India but also in Jammu and Kashmir, which is unfortunately illegally occupied by India’. Bhutto also expressed his displeasure saying that India has not provided any help to Pakistan after the floods in the past few weeks. He made the above statements during an interview with the news channel ‘France 24’.

Muslims in India are insecure !

Bhutto further said that Muslims, who are a minority in India, are vulnerable. Just looking at the way India treats its Muslim citizens, one would wonder how they would treat the Muslims of Pakistan and Kashmir. (Repeat lies often enough ! That is the nature of Bhutto ! This is the history of the Bhutto family ! Hence, we cannot expect anything else from them ! The whole world knows the kind of treatment that Pakistan gives and continues to give to the Hindus of its country. But Bhutto will never open his mouth about that. – Editor)

Editorial viewpoint

Bhutto should understand that ‘India will soon become a Hindu Rashtra’. Also, a country that declared itself an Islamic country on the basis of religion after partition and ruled on that basis for 75 years is now saying ‘India is no longer secular’. Isn’t this a big joke in itself ?

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