Secret conversations of Pak PM’s meeting leaked

The conversation was about ordering power plants from India

Pakistani PM Shehbaz Sharif

Islamabad (Pakistan) – An audio recording of a meeting held at Pakistani PM Shehbaz Sharif’s residence, as well as a conversation between Sharif and an official, have emerged. In the conversation, the officer tells Shehbaz that Nawaz Sharif’s son-in-law is to import power plants from India; this transaction has to be stopped.

The leaders of Pakistan’s opposition parties have alleged that the audio leaks could have a sensitive impact on Pakistan’s foreign policy. The audio is also available online. It has the voices of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, Home Minister Rana Sanaullah, Defence Minister Khawaja Asif and some other leaders.

Leader and former minister of Imran Khan’s party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Fawad Chaudhary said that Internet data from our Prime Minister’s house is being stolen. It is a failure of the country’s intelligence agencies. Now the data related to the Ministry of Security and External Affairs is also in the hands of enemies.

Editorial Viewpoint

To call for Jihad against India on one hand and to secretly import projects from India on the other is the trickery of Pakistani leaders.

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