The next two years will be a crisis for the world economy : Prediction by US economist Roubini

Roubini had correctly predicted the economic recession of 2008 !

(Left side) American economist Nouriel Roubini

New York (US)  – The next 2 years could be a major crisis for the global economy. By the end of this year, the US as well as other economies of the world, may experience a severe economic recession. World famous American economist Noriel Roubini has predicted that this period of economic crisis could last for almost a year, i.e. till the end of 2023. Noriel Roubini said this during a recent interview to a news agency. Roubini also asked investors to keep more cash with them. Roubini had earlier accurately predicted the economic recession of 2008. Hence, his new prediction is creating fear all over the world.

Roubini, however, has said that countries are not taking this coming financial crisis seriously. He said that countries which think that they will not be hit hard by this economic downturn should look at the burden of debt of various Governments and institutions. As loan rates increase in the future, it will also affect institutions, common citizens and banks.

Inflation explosion !

Roubini has warned that the coming financial crisis will cause inflation to flare up. It may be impossible to reduce the rate of inflation in the US. If no drastic decisions are taken, the rate of inflation will definitely increase