Petrol bomb thrown on the house of RSS leader in Madurai, Tamil Nadu

Incidents of throwing petrol bombs on the houses of RSS and BJP leaders have increased after the raids on Popular Front of India (PFI)

Madurai (Tamil Nadu) – Three petrol bombs were thrown on the house of RSS leader Krushnan on 24th September in the Pattanadi area. Fortunately, no one got injured in this. The culprit had run away after the act. RSS members are being targeted in the State. This is the 2nd incident on the same day.

Before this, a petrol bomb was thrown on RSS leader in Latambaram near Chennai on 23rd September and at BJP worker Sarath’s house in Kuniamuthur in Tamil Nadu in which, a car was damaged. A day before that, BJP’s office was attacked with a petrol bomb. Since PFI places are raided, not only in Tamil Nadu but In Kerala also BJP leaders are being targeted.