Forced religious conversion of a Hindu boy in Ayodhya, UP

  • Pressure on father of Hindu child to convert
  • The Hindu child’s mother turned out to be a Muslim
(Left side) Jagbir Kori and his wife Hasina Bano

Ayodhya (UP) – A case of forced religious conversion and circumcision of a Hindu boy, has come to light. Jagbir Kori, a resident of Shahnawajpur, did not convert to Islam, so there are threats of beheading him. He has complained to the Superintendent of Police and Inspector General of Police about the matter.

Jagbir Kori and a relative of his met a girl 12 years ago at the railway station. The girl was crying and when asked, said her name was Pooja and was helpless. So, Jagbir took the girl home and later married her. Everything was well for nine years till Jagbir Kori discovered that his wife Pooja was not a Hindu, but Hasina Bano. Then one day, suddenly, the girl’s mother, father and brother came to Jagbir Kori’s house. They began to pressurise Jagbir to accept Islam. He was given a beheading threat for refusing to convert to Islam. Jagbir has a son and a daughter. Those people forcibly converted his son to Islam and circumcised him.

Editorial Viewpoint

It shows that the descendants of the Muslim invaders are still active in India and are involved in the religious conversion of Hindus. When will the Government take action to stop it ?

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