The biggest supplier of counterfeit notes in India, Lal Mohammed, killed in Kathmandu

(Right side) Lal Mohammed

Kathmandu (Nepal) – Lal Mohammad alias Mohammad Darzi, working as an operative of Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI, was shot dead by unknown assailants on 19th September at night. Lal Mohammad was the biggest supplier of counterfeit notes in India. The incident was captured on CCTV.

Lal Mohammed used to bring fake Indian currency from Pakistan and Bangladesh to Nepal and supply it to India from there. He was associated with the notorious gang of Jihadi terrorists and gangster Dawood Ibrahim. He had sheltered many ISI agents.

Editorial Viewpoint

Who will answer why no action had been taken against Lal Mohammed even though it was known that he supplies fake notes in India ? How many such Lal Mohammed are living in the country and the neighbouring countries of India ? Who will answer when action will be taken against them ?