Clashes between Police and cow smugglers in Gautambuddhanagar in UP

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Gautambuddhanagar – There had been clashes between Police in Gautambuddhanagar in UP and cow smugglers on 18th September night. Taju’s, a cow smuggler’s leg got injured due to a gunshot by the Police. The Police took Taju into custody. The Police had announced a reward of Rs 25,000 on Taju. Noida Police are looking for 2 accomplices of Taju.

1. Vishal Pandey, Deputy Police Commissioner of Greater Noida said that the Police had received the information about 4 Cow-smugglers who had conspired to kill a cow, hence the Police had reached the spot.

2. At that time the Police and the cow-smugglers had clashed when the Police told Taju to surrender, but Taju fired at them. The Police also retaliated.

3. Taju was injured due to the gunshot. The police confiscated a gun and some bullets from  Taju during search. Further investigation is going on. (Congratulations to the Noida Police for remaining alert against cow slaughterers. – Editor)