Muslims attack Hindus in the UK

  • A Temple vandalised and a saffron flag set ablaze
  • Police attacked with glass bottles

London – After Muslims targeted Hindus in Leicester, UK on 18th September, Hindus also tried to retaliate. So there was tension here. According to the Police, a crowd of both religions gathered and started opposing each other. When the Police tried to stop them, they hurled glass bottles at the Police. The mob carrying sticks damaged the property. A video showed a saffron flag being removed from a Hindu Temple and burnt. 27 people have been arrested in connection with this violence. The Police force has stepped up to control the situation. There will be Police presence in this area for the next few days. On 28th August, India defeated Pakistan in the Asia Cup cricket match held in Britain. After that, on 6th September, Hindus were attacked in Leicester by ardent Pakistani Muslims. The present incident happened in the same context.

1. A woman witness who was present during the violence said that people were wearing black masks to cover their faces and heads. Police had set up barricades on the road. The Police were trying to push back the mob as the mob threw glass bottles and other objects.

2. Police officer Nixon said, we have received a video of a man removing a flag from outside a religious building on Melton Road, Leicester. The incident seems to have taken place when the Police officers were dealing with chaos in the area. The incident would be investigated.

3. Regarding the violence, local MP Claudia Webbe said there was tension even before the Asia Cup matches. There was violence for the first time.

Attack on Hindus by spreading rumours

According to media reports, Muslims spread two rumours to attack Hindus. They accused Hindus of attacking a mosque and abducting a Muslim girl. A Temple was broken into and vandalised. Hindu houses were attacked.

Mention of RSS in a pamphlet made by Muslims

Muslims in Birmingham called for a peaceful protest over the Leicester incident. It read, “We are going to protest in Leicester.” Our Police will not allow Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh fanatics to play with Sikh women, children and the elderly. (Please note Muslims attempt to show that Hindus are against Sikhs – Editor)

Hindus had organised a protest march.

Hindus had taken out a march from Belgrave Road here. Simultaneously crowd of Muslims came there, they started shouting slogans about each other’s religion. Muslims chanted Allahu Akbar (Allah is great), while Hindus chanted Jai Shriram and Vande Mataram.

Madhu Shastri, president of Leicester Brahma Samaj Shivalaya Temple, has written a letter to the Police demanding the immediate arrest of the man who removed the flag from the Temple and burnt it. It has also been asked to increase the security of the Temple. If tension rises here, the Temple may have to be closed.

The Police have arrested two people in connection with the attack on the Temple. Two people were injured during the attack on the Temple.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • The situation in the UK over the past several years reveals that Islamic fundamentalism has been on the rise, but the Government has no control over it. In Britain, which advises the world about human rights and religious freedom, the religious freedom and human rights of Hindus are being violated, it is a shame for the UK Government.
  • Muslims’ attempts to deliberately target Hindus are universal, as Hindus believe in Idol worship. Idol worship is considered inappropriate in Islam. So can such racists ever live in harmony with Hindus anywhere in the world ?

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