A ‘fashion show’ organised in the Balaji Temple of Chhattisgarh, Bajrang Dal activists protest !

One of the organisers was a Muslim !

Raipur (Chhattisgadh)  – A Balaji temple in Salasar, Fundhar, was chosen as a venue for a fashion show by the F.D.C.A which was organised & planned by Arif and Manish. Many women wearing western clothes participated in this event. But fortunately, within a few minutes of the program, members from the Bajrang Dal reached the venue and put a stop to this show. As soon as word of this incident reached the Police they reached the spot immediately cancelled the event and brought the situation under control.

Some of the young women who were participating in this event ran away from the temple. During the protest, members of the Bajrang Dal were shouting slogans of ‘Jai Shriram’. The Bajrang Dal has filed a complaint against the organisers for hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus. A video of this incident is being circulated on social media. This video also features a woman wearing a hijab.

Editorial viewpoints

  • Has anyone ever heard of a fashion show being arranged in a Church or a Mosque ?
  • Since Hindus have no knowledge on how to maintain the sanctity of their own religion, as well as the sanctity of their religious places, they do such misdeeds and earn the displeasure of God ! The only solution to change this situation is to impart education on Dharma to Hindus !

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