Bollywood is in a pitiable condition : Cinema Director Prakash Jha

Cinema Director Prakash Jha

Mumbai – The Hindi Cinema’s actors are nowadays selling gutka. When they get some free time from this endeavour, they make a comedy film or on any other subject. To them, it does not make any difference if 5 -6 movies fail at the box office. This is truly a sorry situation, it is necessary that Bollywood should introspect, or else those who raised them sky high will finish them. This was Film Director Prakash Jha’s homily.

Prakash Jha added, ‘the funny thing is that Film Producers and Directors feel that any film so long as they have famous film personalities acting will be successful. While the audience like films with a good story, and a storyline that speaks about the issues which affect them. This is the inference from the kind of films that are launched in the past 6 months, and the audience boycotting them. Actually, the responsibility of making a good film is with the Producer, Director, and medium of viewing the film. At present that the cine world is hanging by a thread between the sky and earth, is what I feel.

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