Hindus provide  shelter in the temple to 300 Muslims affected by Pakistan floods

Quetta (Pakistan) – Pakistan has been hit by floods for the past few weeks. Local citizens are calling for help. The Baba Madhodas temple which has 100 rooms in Jalal Khan village of Kutch District in Balochistan Province has provided food, water and shelter for 200 to 300 flood victims.

This includes mostly Muslims. It has also given shelter to animals. Baba Madhodas was a Hindu saint. Hindus and Muslims of this region had faith in him.

Editorial viewpoint

Hindus have also suffered in Pakistan floods. We should also find out, how many of those Hindus have been sheltered by Muslims in their mosques. On the contrary, some religious fanatics have gang-raped an 8-year-old Hindu girl by luring her for grains. This shows their true mentality.