Muslim husband accused of forcefully converting Christian wife and marrying her

Ernakulam (Kerala) – A Christian woman has alleged that her Muslim husband forced her to convert. The victim said I was house arrested for a few days to convert and marry a Muslim. So I had to marry him, she said. Later, as the woman did not return for a few days after leaving her husband’s house, the Muslim husband filed a petition in the Kerala High Court to call her back. The Court dismissed the plea as not appropriate.

After the Muslim husband filed a complaint, the Police went to the house of the Christian wife in Alappuzha and interrogated her, and the above truth came to light. The Christian woman told the Police that she wanted to live alone now.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Another example of a Christian woman falling victim to Love Jihad.
  • Not only Hindu girls or women but many Christian women are also falling prey to the conspiracy of love jihad. Will the secularists, who favour the Christians, say anything about this issue ?
  • What do those who say that Love Jihad is not a conspiracy but a fraud, want to say now ?

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