Armed Muslim youth entered a school and eve-teased the Hindu school girls in Jharkhand !

Threatened to kidnap if friendship is denied !

Ranchi (Jharkhand) – In a shocking incident that took place in Ormanjhi in Ranchi District, some Muslim youth entered the 9th class of a school with weapons in their hands, harassed Hindu school girls and pressured them to accept friendship. ‘If you don’t make us friends, we will kidnap you all, they threatened. When the teachers at the school and some youth near the school tried to stop them, these Muslim youths also threatened them with dire consequences. For the past several days, these youths have been teasing the girls while going to school. These girls also told their parents about this. A complaint has been lodged with the Police regarding this matter.

1. A meeting was held in the school premises in this regard. At that time, the villagers called the accused youth and demanded to take a decision there itself. At that time the Police reached there. The villagers demanded that the Police register a case against accused Firdous Ansari, Suhail Ansari, Mujammil Ansari, Taufiq Ansari and Jameel Ansari. (Why does such a demand has to be made ? Why don’t the Police take cognisance and register the case on their own ? – Editor)

2. Students of this school said that some students from Mayapur invite youth from other villages and consume alcohol near the school. They also make vulgar comments on schoolgirls. Sometimes they enter the school by jumping the wall and harassing the girls. Teachers are also threatened if they protest. Some of these youth were studying in this school. They have been expelled from school.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Since Jharkhand Mukti Morcha party has been in Government in Jharkhand, religious fanatical Muslims have been rampant. The question arises whether there is any amount of law and order left in the State !
  • It has already been in the news that many schools in the State are being given Friday as a holiday instead of Sunday. Now this sort of mischief is being done openly by entering the school. Owing to this, the Central Government must intervene and take action !