Pakistan’s Ambassador in US tight-lipped when questioned about atrocities on Hindu women in Pakistan

Pakistan’s Ambassador Masood Khan

Washington (US) – Pakistan is engulfed in floods at the moment. An incident of gang rape of a minor girl by some religious fanatics on the pretext of giving her flood relief has come to light. In a press conference in the US Army veteran, Manga Anantmula raised the issue of the torture of the minor Hindu girl before Pakistan’s Ambassador Masood Khan; he had a banner also in hand. Masood Khan was restless and avoided answering.

As per the report, 157 women were abducted in Pakistan in June 2022. Out of the 112 were abused sexually and 91 raped.

Editorial viewpoint

Pakistan has demonstrated that when the truth is very difficult to accept or reject keeping mum is the solution. The world now knows from the Ambassador’s silence, what goes on in Pakistan.

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