Molestation of Hindu girl by Muslims in a village in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh; Hindus in the area are planning to flee

Hindus irked with the Police registering a case against the victim’s father

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Aligarh (UP) – Hindus in Aligarh, UP, are in a bid to flee from the place since a Hindu girl is being molested by Muslim youths in the area. They have put up boards on their house mentioning ‘house for sale’. Hindus here are backward class.

1. The accused identified as Munna, Mohsin, Imran and Zeeshan from the village eve-teased a Hindu girl and beat her up. An attempt was also made to abduct her. After the girl’s father lodged a complaint with the Police in this case, the Police have also registered a case against the girl’s father based on the complaint of the accused. (Are these Police officials, who booked Hindus at the behest of Muslims instead of reassuring them when they have been wronged, in India or Pakistan ? – Editor) Local Hindus are unhappy because of this. They went to the Police station and protested. Following that, they have announced to flee from the village.

2. After this, the Police went to the victim’s house and removed the ‘house is for sale’ board, promising to take action against the accused.

Editorial Viewpoint

Hindus expect that such an incident should not happen when there is a BJP Government in Uttar Pradesh ! The Government should take action against the Police officials who fail to protect the Hindus !

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