Indian origin Suella Braverman appointed as the British Home Secretary

Barrister Suella Braverman

London (Britain)  –  Indian origin Rishi Sunak was defeated by Liz Truss and she went ahead to win the election for the post of Prime Minister. Now Truss has appointed a woman of Indian origin as Britain’s Home Secretary. Her name is Barrister Suella Braverman. Suella, 42, had previously held several high positions in the British Government. One of which was the position of the Attorney-General in the Government led by Boris Johnson.

(Credit : India Today)

Braverman has 2 children. Her mother is a Tamil Hindu originally from Goa. Her mother emigrated to Britain from Mauritius, while her father emigrated from Kenya in the 1960s. Suella Braverman holds a law degree from Cambridge University. She got married to Royal Braverman in the year 2018. They are Buddhists.