More than 15 people die in suicide bombings in a mosque in Afghanistan  

Taliban’s influential religious leader Mulla Mujib among the dead

(Image credit : Hindustan Times)

Kabul – In suicide bombings carried out in Gazargah Mosque during the Friday namaz in the city of Herat province in Afghanistan, the Taliban’s one influential clerics Mulla Mujib-ur-Rahman Ansari was killed. Mujib was the main imam there. There was another explosion as people started to flee after the first blast. More than 15 people died in both blasts. Islamic State’s Khorasan is stated to be involved in these attacks.

(Credit : Al Jazeera English)

Mujib was considered to be the most inhumane among the leaders of the Taliban. He had issued a fatwa two months back that beheading was the only punishment for those who opposed the Taliban rule or for not obeying their orders. Taliban’s spokesperson had, however, refuted it by stating that it was Mujib’s personal opinion.

Editorial viewpoint

Muslims are involved in jihadi activities against the majority population wherever they are in minority and where they are in majority, they destroy the minority population, but they kill each other where they are the only population !

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