Pakistan army has special squad to target Indian soldiers through honey trap !

New Delhi – Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI has been trying to honey trap Indian soldiers through women for the last few years. It has been revealed through many incidents that it has been successful so far. ISI is said to have formed 10 women squads for this purpose. These include more than 50 young women each. These young women are being trained to trap Indian soldiers. Indian intelligence agencies have warned the soldiers to remain alert in this regard. It is advised not to accept friend request from unknown person through social media.

According to a senior intelligence officer of the Indian Army, these young women are being trained by Pakistan Army’s Intelligence Unit 412 from Hyderabad, Pakistan. They are taught to speak Hindi and English. Their targets are Indian Army soldiers stationed at military bases along the Rajasthan and Gujarat borders. These Pakistani women are working in the ranks of Brigadier and Captain in Pakistan Army.

How do Indian soldiers get trapped ?

After training, these young women are placed in rooms in a canteen. These girls are also given Hindu names like Riya, Khushi, Kalpana, Neetu, Geetu, Avni, Muskan, Harleen. From there they communicate with Indian soldiers.

These girls first open social media accounts with fake identities and send friend requests to Indian soldiers. The fake accounts have images of Hindu Deities. They are given a goal to contact 50 soldiers per day. After the soldier accepts the request, they engage in amorous, as well as lewd conversation with the soldier, sometimes promising marriage. Communication between the two is saved. Based on the saved communication, the soldier is then blackmailed, and the confidential information of the Indian Army is sought from him. If the soldier fails to provide the information, he is threatened with exposing the chats.

Editorial Viewpoint

Pakistan is smarter than India in tactics !

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