Colonel of Pakistan paid Rs 10,980 to attack the Indian army Post

Pakistani Jihadi terrorist arrested

Pakistani Jihadi terrorist Tabarak Hussain

Rajouri (J&K) – The Indian Army arrested Pakistani Jihadi terrorist Tabarak Hussain, aged 32, from the border. He was arrested when he got injured while trying to flee the firing by the Indian troops to stop the infiltration. His other accomplices escaped. He told the inquiry that Colonel Yunus Chaudhary of the Pakistan Army had paid 30,000 Pakistani rupees (10,980 INR) to attack the Indian Army post.

Indian soldiers donated three bottles of blood

Editorial viewpoint

Gandhigiri of Indian soldiers. Such incidents remind us that Indians have not learned anything from the history of Mohammad Ghori. When will Indians realise that though snakes are fed milk, they will spit out only venom, not nectar ?

Tabarak Hussain got injured by the firing when he tried to escape it. The bullets hit his thigh and shoulder. He was bleeding profusely, so he was admitted to the hospital for treatment. After doctors told them that he needed blood due to excessive bleeding, the soldiers decided to donate blood to him. He was given three bottles of blood. He underwent surgery and was kept in the intensive care unit. His condition is currently stable. He is a resident of Sabjkot village in Kotli District of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.

Tabarak was arrested in the year 2016

In 2016 the Indian Army captured Tabarak Hussain and his brother Haroon Ali from the same place. He was arrested in an infiltration attempt but released on humanitarian grounds in November 2017. (Had stringent action been taken against Hussain at that time, this would not have happened today – Editor) Hussain has been working for Pakistani intelligence for two years. He has undergone six weeks of training at Lashkar-e-Toiba’s training camp across the Line of Control. On December 16, 2019, Hussain’s other brother Mohammad Saeed was captured by Indian soldiers from the same area.

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