Karnataka High Court directs to enforce noise pollution regulations

The case of Azan on loudspeakers

Bengaluru – The Karnataka High Court has refused to order mosques to stop giving the Azan over loudspeakers, saying it does not violate the fundamental rights of other religions. However, the Court directed the authorities to follow the noise pollution rules related to the loudspeaker and submit its compliance report.

A PIL filed by Manjunath S Halawar, of Bengaluru, was heard by The High Court. Though Azan is an essential religious practice of Muslims, the sound of Azan disturbs people of other faiths, the petition said. The Court ordered that, ‘Articles 25 and 26 of the Constitution of India embody the principle of tolerance, which earmarks Indian civilisation. Article 25(1) of the Constitution gives the people the fundamental right to profess and propagate their religion, but the right is not absolute and is subject to restrictions as per other provisions of Part III of the Constitution of India regarding public order, morality and health.

Editorial Viewpoint

Why does the Court have to give such an order ? Why the administration and Police not implementing on their own? Or are they sleeping ?

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