Religious fanatics molested a Hindu girl; brutally attacked girl’s father in Bangladesh

The Police refuse to register a case

Dhaka (Bangladesh) – Neel Madhav Saha, the father of a Bangladeshi Hindu girl, was fatally attacked by religious fanatics who protested against her molestation. While the girl was on her way to study, she was molested by Miraj alias Imran and Prince on the way near Rajshahi railway station. Both of them had teased her. After the teasing, Imran and Prince went to the girl’s house and started an argument with Neel Madhav Saha. They then fatally attacked Saha with a knife and banged his head with a hammer. Saha said that Mamoon, Farad, Reham, Akher and Robin were also present.

During the attack, the accused stole Rs 300 from Saha and a gold chain from his wife’s neck. After this incident, when Saha went to the Police station to complain, the Police did not take any action. He was admitted to the hospital. After treatment, when Saha went back to the Police station, the Police refused to register a case, telling him that the incident took place within the limits of the Railway Police. The railway Police also refused to register a case. Later, when the news was published in newspapers, the railway Police registered a case and arrested three people.

We have to die, commit suicide or flee to India – Grief-stricken father of the victim

Saha said that Prince threatened him that if I want to stay alive here, he should pay him monthly and get the girl married to him. (Descendants of Aurangzeb in Bangladesh – Editor) We are a minority here, so we have to face such incidents. We have to die, commit suicide or flee to India. No one has come forward to help us. We want justice.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • India should tell international humanitarian organisations to pay attention to this injustice against Hindus.
  • Hindus are insecure in Bangladesh. On one hand, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina says Hindus should not think of themselves as a minority, but on the other, this is the situation there. India should reprimand Hasina for not protecting the Hindus.