The Popular Front of India (PFI) is making Aadhaar Cards for Rohingya and Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators

Aadhaar card (Representative image)

Patna (Bihar) – The Popular Front of India (PFI), a Jihadi organisation, has been hatching various conspiracies to break the sovereignty and unity of our country. From inciting communal riots to involvement in anti-national activities, now another act of PFI has come to light.

PFI has been forging Aadhaar cards for Rohingya and Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators and recruited them as Indians in its organisation, revealed a Police investigation. Forged documents are used for making Aadhaar cards. Then these Muslims are sent as labourers to Karnataka and other States in India. PFI is creating a new identity for these Muslims. This forgery is taking place at the Nepal border touching Bihar in the Districts of Kishanganj, Darbhanga, Katihar, Madhubani, Supaul and Purnia.

Indian Muslims used to make Aadhaar cards

A Police official said that PFI is using Indian Muslim families for making Aadhaar cards. The PFI gives them money and various other incentives for this nefarious activity. These families then claim that Rohingya and Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators are members of their families. About the person whose Aadhaar card is to be made – Indian Muslims say that the person was sent to a relative when young, so they could not make the Aadhaar card for him. Now that he is back and we want a card for him.

Sources say, this conspiracy was revealed when the members of Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) were arrested in Bhopal. They revealed, “They all had the same date of birth – January 1 – and place of birth – Araria”. A multi-agency probe was launched into the fake Aadhaar cards recovered from the alleged terrorists of JMB. This probe revealed how the documents were obtained.

Not through Bengal and Assam, but infiltration through Nepal

The official further said that these Muslims are infiltrating India through Nepal since there is tight security now at the border in Bengal and Assam. They are living in large numbers at many places along the India-Nepal border.

700 new madarasas and mosques were constructed along the Indo-Nepal border by spending 500 crore rupees

Since 2018, 700 new madarasas and mosques have been built along the Nepal border by spending Rs 500 crore. This Police officer also said that the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Turkey have funded this illegal construction on the border.

Editorial viewpoint

Hindus ask repeatedly – “When will the Union Government ban the anti-national PFI ?” The Government should pay attention to this.

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