‘Laal Singh Chaddha’ goes flop in the theater due to the protest !

Kareena Kapoor who once told not to watch the movie now urges the public to watch the movie !

Mumbai – The newly released movie of Aamir Khan Laal Singh Chaddha went flop in the theatres due to the strong protest from the people throughout the country. Many shows were canceled. Kareena Kapoor also has a role in the movie. An appeal to boycott the movie was made on social media before its release.

At that time Kareena Kapoor had said not to watch the movie and that no one has forced anyone to watch her movie, but now as the movie is getting a negligible response in the country, she has appealed to the public to watch it. She has also said not to boycott the movie as it is not so bad to be boycotted. A lot of efforts have gone into the making of the movie and about 250 people have been working on the movie for 2 and a half years.

Editorial viewpoint

This example proves what Hindus can do when they are united !

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