Performing puja leads to riots and spread of malaria

Actor Amir Khan’s movie ‘Laal Singh Chadha’

Mumbai – On actor Aamir Khan’s film ‘Laal Singh Chadha’, BJP Youth Morcha member Shikhar Bakshi tweeted, “There is a scene in this film where a Pakistani soldier asks Amir Khan (as a Sikh soldier) – ‘I offer namaz daily, why do you not perform puja ?’ – to which Amir Khan replies, ‘Performing puja leads to spread of malaria and riots take place’ This sentence has hurt the religious sentiments of the Sikhs and Hindus. I do not understand why the Sikhs all over the world are not opposing this. Why ? Attacking Indian culture and hurting the religious sentiments of the Hindus through films has been going on for a long time. Aamir Khan’s films do this consistently. Here, it is also shown that Aamir Khan saves a Pakistani terrorist. How is this possible ? Factually will a soldier not recognise the difference between an army personnel and the enemy ?”

Editorial viewpoints

  • Complaints should be filed in the police station and action should be taken against the concerned persons and the movie should be banned.
  • With these dialogues in the movie, how did the Central Censor Board give certification to the movie ? If such a dialogue had been there against the Muslims, there is no need to say what would have happened till now.