India’s response to China’s aggressive actions

To prevent China’s unwarranted provocations, the people of the country along with the Government must boycott Chinese products and teach it a lesson

(Retd.) Brigadier Hemant Mahajan

1. China conducts various drills in the border area to create psychological pressure on India, and since India is well-prepared militarily, China’s actions do not have any effect on India

A. Recently there was a report that nothing has come out of the Corps Commander level negotiations between India and China. Also, the Chinese army is not willing to return from the two places where they have entered India. However, these negotiations will still continue. Sixteen rounds of negotiations have been held so far and will continue to take place in the future too, but China will never stop the border dispute. China wants to leverage this dispute to obstruct India’s economic progress by putting constant pressure on India. Thus, putting an end to the border dispute in the near future is very less likely. India should be prepared for this.

B. Another report says that China is testing some of its latest rocket launchers in the area. This is also a sort of psychological war through which China is trying to frighten India. Indians should not worry about this either, because the Indian Army is ready for conventional warfare.

C. There is another report that China has tested a rocket mine-laying vehicle in the Xinjiang Region close to the Indian border. This will not affect India either. Rather, it will affect only the people of Xinjiang. China has imprisoned more than 20 lakh Muslims living in this region. They do not have any sort of freedom.

D. It was further reported that Chinese soldiers are training near the Pangong Tso Lake in Ladakh; 33% of the Lake is within the boundaries of India. The Chinese were conducting exercises to gain complete control over it. One should not worry about this either, since India has seen many such exercises before. This is just a put-on show by China. They have no ability to fight a war with India.

2. Indian military has more aggressive stance against China in response to China’s aggressive provocations

We should also know that soon India and the US are going to conduct military exercises in the same area. It is further reported that India is researching how it can use various sophisticated weapons in this area. India’s Mathura-based ‘1-Corps’ (‘Strike Corps’) Army unit equipped with modern weapons was earlier deployed against Pakistan. Now this unit has been pitted against China, which means now India’s military has become more aggressive against China. India had some aggressive ‘Strike Corps’, which could go inside Pakistan and engage directly in the event of a war. Strike-1 Corps, one out of those 3 Strike Corps, has been deployed against China. It will be used for offensive operations in Ladakh. Another ‘Strike Corps’ will be used against China in Arunachal Pradesh. This means that India has offensive army units at standby.

3. India brings spiritual leader Dalai Lama to Ladakh to demonstrate support for the Tibetans

Apart from this, the Dalai Lama of Tibet has visited Ladakh. He will stay there for the next one month. He did not come by chance, but was brought there. India has played this trick to convey to China that – ‘We can bother you too’. ‘We fully support the spiritual freedom that Tibetans seek’ is a big message that India is sending to China through this development.

India is set to convey a bigger message in the future. A ‘G20’ (World’s largest countries) Summit of countries will be held in India. India has decided to hold this Summit in Ladakh. Interestingly, the G20 includes China along with the US. Through this, India wants to convey to China that it also intends to conduct offensive operations in the disputed area and that the Indian Army is well-prepared to defend against China.

India is responding to every action of China. Therefore, we will not tolerate any bullying by China. This psychological war of China will continue for many days. So, India will always have to be prepared.

– Brigadier (Retd) Hemant Mahajan, Pune.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • To prevent China’s unwarranted provocations, the people of the country along with the Government must boycott Chinese products and teach it a lesson
  • To prevent China’s unwarranted provocations, Indians must boycott Chinese products and teach it a lesson !

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